Opinion about the Cut in the Courier newspaper

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Posted by Lola on June 26, 2000 at 23:24:40:

In Reply to: Save the Grandview Cut posted by SkyTrain Activist on June 15, 2000 at 12:33:32:

Hi everyone,

I first want to say I am in total support of what the activists are doing to help spread the message about the possible loss of our green space. I wanted to mention what I read this weekend in Sunday's edition of The Vancouver Courier.

Mr.T.Patrick of Vancouver writes to the editor:

"A great deal of nonsense and misinformation has been
put forward about the Grandview Cut, especially by those living close to it."

-I would consider the following to be the

"They hyprocritically cloak themselves with environmental concerns. This is a specious argument easily dismissed. The Cut is a large man-made railway line, now overgrown with a variety of common scrub growth and inhabited by various birds, animals and pests found everywhere in the city. There is nothing unique or significant about it."

-Well, Mr.Patrick, is an 80 year old cherry tree what you consider common scrub growth? Have you even taken a look at the Cut before writing this ignorant dribble?

-He goes on as follows:

"People living nearby cannot be blamed for opposing further use of it, as this will only lead to more noise and unpleasantness. However, serious consideration for major positive change has not been mentioned."

-What positive change would that be? You wouldn't by any chance be working for city council, would you?

-And concludes with..

"I suggest removing all the existing overgrowth, widen it at its base to accommodate the existing rail line, the SkyTrain and a freeway, and then capping it, similar to the Cassiar Connector.Then fill in the remainder to ground level. This would satisfy all methods of transportation, cause no noise or bother to those living nearby and greatly reduce auto traffic on other East Vancouver streets. The reclaimed surface area could be used for a wide variety of useful purposes, including parks, cycle paths etc."

-Ludicrous...the loss of our green space and the newly added "tunnel" would pollute this area beyond repair...THINK of the reality Mr.Patrick, where would all the wildlife go while your tunnel is being built and the newly planted trees are waiting to grow??? Not to mention our lungs..please, though we be poor, at least let us breathe.

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