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Posted by ian gregson on November 15, 2004 at 09:43:25:


Ian Gregson receives endorsements from one of the worlds top environmentalists, and BC's leading First Nations Archaeologist, as Green Party nominee for Vancouver Hastings.

VANCOUVER - The nomination campaign for Ian Gregson as the Green Party candidate in Vancouver-Hastings has gained significant weight this weekend through recent endorsements from one of the world's leading environmentalists and BC's top first nations researcher.

Gregson, a former Paralympic athlete who spoke out against the 2010 Games, is seeking the candidacy for the Green Party seat against yet to be decided NDP and Liberal candidates. Gregson received 14.8% of the vote in the 2001 election in Vancouver Hastings.

Dr Birute Galdikas is the world's leading researcher of Orangutans. Dr Galdikas is one the three main primate researchers on the planet, including the late Diane Fossey and Jane Goodall. Galdikas' work to save the Orangutan habitat in Borneo has gained her a reputation on the worlds stage, including a PBS documentary with actress Julia Roberts plus numerous environmental awards.

"It is what I have seen in Ian Gregson and his solid foundation in the Green Party that convinced me that Ian and the Green Party are the only political solutions to BC's environmental issues" stated Galdikas.

Also endorsing Ian Gregson is Dr Eldon Yellowhorn, BC's leading First Nations Archaeologist. Dr Yellowhorn recently played a significant role in the repatriation of ancient remains back to the Haida Nation.

"The Green Party of BC is stronger with the presence of Ian Gregson as the candidate for Vancouver Hastings in the May 2005 election. Successive Liberal and NDP provincial governments have fallen short of voter expectation on environmental and first nations issues. Ian Gregson will demonstrate to British Columbians that Greens are the party for small business, workers and first nations issues." Yellowhorn stated. "Ian Gregson and the Greens offer a fresh perspective that is sensitive and respectful of our social, cultural and natural environments."

Ron Plowright, who doubled the East Vancouver Green Party vote in the recent federal election has also come out to endorse Ian.

"Ian worked super hard on my campaign in the last federal election and with very few resources; his ability to overcome significant barriers and get the job done is amazing", said Plowright from his office at CuppaJoes Coffee on Main and Broadway.

"These endorsements mean a lot to me personally and they also show the voters that Greens will be a significant force in the upcoming election," said Gregson from his home in the Adanac Co-Op. "This is the kind of support that will be needed to not only win the Green candidacy, but to defeat the Liberals and NDP in Vancouver Hastings on May 17th 2005."

The Vancouver-Hastings Green Party will hold their nomination meeting to decide who will be their candidate to take on the Liberals and NDP on December 8th.


For further information on the campaign see, or contact:

Marie Krizka
604 216-2536


Ian Gregson
604-320-1911 hm
604-291-3135 wk

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